Project Open World Paradises

The objective of this project is to experience gaming’s most acclaimed and greatest open worlds.

  1. Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness (1981): Although not counted among the most notable of its offerings, Ultima does undeniably feature an open world in 2D with grid based sprite movement. It is quite big in terms of size, and has random events in forms of monsters and enemies. Quests are given out by Kings located in various locations across the map, and they can be completed by visiting places or going into procedurally generated dungeons scattered around the world.
  2. Gothic (2001):
  3. Grand Theft Auto III (2001): GTA III boasts of a vast open world in 3D, unprecedented by any other game during the time of its release. The sprawling metropolis Liberty City, is an impressive replica of modern day New York City. And it is teeming with crazy and dangerous citizens, with possibilities galore of ludicrously hilarious situations arising every now and then.
  4. Saint’s Row 2 (2008): Saint’s Row 2 is a good clone of GTA III, with some additional  over the top fun elements strewn around. Thus, it also boasts of a fairly large open world embedded with all sorts of quirks and exaggerated humor, that has basically become signature style of the Saint’s Row franchise.