Project Endless Epics

The objective of project is to experience some of gaming’s greatest and most grandiose of story-lines spanning multiple games in a series or franchise.


Ultima is an epic series that took its birth in the early 80’s and has still a cult following to this day, especially through its still running MMORPG title Ultima online.

  1. Akalabeth (1979): This is considered as the precursor to Ultima. It has the basic dungeon crawling core of Ultima, but does not have the over-world gameplay. Technically there is an over-world, but it is graphically inferior and has nothing but grid based movement as the only game mechanics. It also lacks an even moderately penned storyline; it just has a setting and that is about it. However, this very setting was extended and enlarged to conceive the world, lore, and plot of Ultima series. From 1998 onwards, this has been officially sold as Ultima 0.
  2. Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness (1981): The first game in the series, this was a flawed gem. It had the strength of a magical charm that could appeal very nicely to the imaginative fantasy fan. It had a good storyline and plot. Open world game mechanics. Fair amount of customization. Nevertheless, it suffered from key gameplay issues. For details see here. The game also served as the opening for the the epic Ultima story-line which eventually spanned across more than nine core titles, with its legacy still alive and kicking.








Grand Theft Auto is an epic series spanning across several mammoth titles each bigger than the previous.

Grand Theft Auto I could not manage to play. Could have still managed with the obsolete controls if not for the weird camera; it was making my head reel, so I quit. GTA 2, I will not even try as it is also uses similar 2D engine as that of GTA. Thus the real start of the project is with GTA III which gave birth to 3D era of the GTA series.

  1. Grand Theft Auto III (2001): GTA III laid the foundation for modern GTA games. It was basically the first installment of the GTA III trilogy set in NYC like Liberty City at the turn of the millenium. The main strengths of the game was its vast 3D open world, the vibrant and often crazy random NPCs throughout the game world, the colorful special characters, the satirical tone, the mind blowing music via the in-game radio channels, and most certainly the dark humor culminating in one hell of a whacky post-climax. The two other games to follow in this trilogy were both prequels of this game. All the good things about the game were refined and magnified for the next title in the series, except the story. The story was taken several notches higher!






Saint’s Row series, although not as large in scale as GTA series, nevertheless is a series spanning four games and a spin-off. Thus, undeniably it is an epic series that should find its place in my personal hall of fame.

The first Saint’s Row was Xbox exclusive and was never ported to PC. Thus I can not play it as I only play PC games. So here it starts with Saint’s Row 2.

  1. Saint’s Row 2 (2008): Builds on the foundation laid down by the console exclusive first Saint’s Row game. This game is a GTA clone with exaggerated and OTT humor. It is basically very similar to GTA III in most ways except it has a gang member system through which you can recruit gang members to be your bodyguards, and also territory control which was only introduced in GTA: San Andreas. Story-wise it solidified the position and popularity of Saint’s Row as a powerful gang, laying the ground work for the next titles in the series to follow.