Game Assessment Rubric

Complexity Matrix

Gives an idea how complex a game is, which indicates how much time and attention it requires and whether it is possible to be played during the same period when you are playing other games.

Complexity Parameters Values (0, 0.5, 1)
Control 0: Easy – Controlled based on mouse or hardly requires memorization
0.5: Moderate – A simple control scheme with a handful of familiar keys (e.g. most FPSs)
1: Elaborate – Several buttons and keys to remember and be dexterous with
Complexity 0: Simple – No inventory, economy, management etc.
1: Complex – Inventory, equipment, trading etc.
Story 0: Sandbox
0.5: Campaign (e.g. most RTSs)
1.0: Story
Lore 0: No lore
0.5: Light lore across multiple games e.g. Half Life series
1.0: Rich lore – a world of it’s own e.g. Elder Scroll series
Immersion 0: Abstract
0.5: Gives an identity (FPSs)
1: Role play
Difficulty 0: Low – Does not frustrate at all
0.5: Medium – Slightly frustrating
1: High
Learning Curve 0: Easy
1: Steep
Total Score 0 – 2.5 Lightweight game – Can be easily played alongside other games
3 – 4 Mediumweight game – Should not be more than two at a time
4.5 – 7 Heavyweight game – Must be only one at a time

Satisfaction Matrix

Gives an idea of how satisfying the experience offered by a game is in terms of fulfilling the most common needs one expects from games.

Needs Satisfaction Score (0-3)
Analytical The need to analyze, plan, think, decide on choices etc.
Creative The need to create something, see things grow, customize, upgrade etc.
Mastery The need to obtain mastery, expertise, and acquire skills through practice
Destructive The need to destroy, shoot, explode, blast, bash things in games. Appreciation of violence and gore.
Entertainment The need for having overall fun, in terms of aesthetics, humor, mystery, storytelling, etc.
Pace The need for fast pace, to drive, fly, move fast, operate machines.
Horror The need for thrills, spine chills, jump-scares, etc.
Total Score 0-3.5: Bad Game

4 – 6.5: Moderate Game

7 – 14: Good Game

15 – 21: Exceptional Game

Review vs. Assessment