Syberia 2 (2004)


Genre Period Developer Publisher Theme
Adventure, Point-n-Click Modern (post 2000) Benoit Sokal Microids Surrealistic, Steam punk, Dreams, Mechanical Automata Toys

Syberia 2 is the sequel to Syberia (2002). Like its predecessor, it is also a surrealistic adventure game with beautiful art style and cunning puzzles, only a little less dream-like. The story is continuation of Syberia (2002). The primary theme of the game is mechanical automata toys and an autistic visionary obsessed with mammoths. You play the role of Kate Walker, an american lawyer sent to France, to finalize the sale of an automata toy factory, following the death of the owner. You find out about an existing heir, and therefore fail to conclude the deal. Instead, you embark on a magical journey in search of this mysterious heir, who seems to be long lost in his obsessive pursuit of sighting present day mammoths in Siberia. At the end of Syberia (2002) you managed to find this heir and followed him onward in his journey to find mammoths. Syberia 2 starts here. Throughout your journey you meet interesting characters and solve puzzles. It is an enriching experience, and a revelation of the surreal and weird side of imagination. Go for it!

Game Assessment

Complexity Matrix 

Complexity Parameters Values (0, 0.5, 1)
Control Scheme 0: Point and click
Complexity 0: No complexity
Story 1: There is a story
Lore 0.5: Is itself a sequel and another in the making
Immersion 0.5: Easy to get into the shoes of the character
Difficulty 0.5: Frustrating at some points, but not as difficult as the preceding title
Learning Curve 0: Easy
Total Score 2.5/7: Lightweight game 

Satisfaction Matrix

Needs Satisfaction Score (0-3)
Analytical 2: Moderately met (Puzzles, Riddles)
Creative 0: Not met
Mastery 0: Not met
Destructive 0: Not met
Entertainment 3: Well met (Interesting, unique, and touching story)
Pace 0: Not met
Horror 0: Not met
Total Score 5/21: Moderate Game

Game Review

TL;DR  A well made adventure game with unique and beautiful art style, challenging puzzles, well designed gameplay and interface, and a very touching surrealistic story.


  • Beautiful and unique art style
  • Good and unique story


  • Some puzzles are really hard to figure out
  • At certain points, the game becomes a bit of a drag and boring
  • Items that needs to be used are sometimes completely camouflaged within the background (almost like hidden object games)

Game completed.

Purpose – Entertainment, Challenge, Relaxation

Gameplay – Okay for a point-n-click adventure.

Graphics – Nice style and pretty good for its time.

Performance – Okay.

Entertainment – Good script and dialog. Good voice-acting. Strange mysterious characters. Overall very good entertainment.

Plot (if applicable) – Very touching and unique story.

Replay value – Although nothing really changes, and gameplay is absolutely linear, still the charm of the game will bring you back to it again and again.

Immersion – Should not really apply for a point-n-click adventure game, but it actually is a wee bit immersive as you get to empathize with the protagonist very easily.

Overall a good solid point-n-click adventure in all traditional glory.


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