Rogue (1980)


Genre Period Developer Publisher Theme
cRPG Vintage (Pre-1990) Michael Toy & Glenn Wichman Medieval fantasy, Dungeons, Monsters

This game gave birth to the genre Roguelike with the most important distinctive feature- the perma-death. The game features procedurally generated levels of dungeon with monsters inside them. The protagonist must keep going down level by level till the bottom-most one and retrieve the amulet of Yendor. Only then can he re-surface. Charming in itself, the fun is ruined due to one crucial gameplay related issue. The issue is that you cannot prepare yourself with adequate food supplies to survive in the dungeon levels. What food you get is a matter of chance and if you don’t get enough then you starve to death. Thus you cannot have a strategy for your journeys into the netherworld and must depend on chance. The only reason to play this is to experience the history of rogue-likes.


Author: Rex Aurelius

Cogito ergo sum.

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